FAQ: What are the differences between PoEz and PoE Checker PoE Tester?

1. PoEz - able to detect two and four-pair PoE; PoE Checker - able to detect two-pair PoE.

2. PoEz - support PoE IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, UPoE and IEEE802.3bt; PoE Checker - support PoE IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at.

3. PoEz - distinguish whether PSE is active or passive on PoE handshake; PoE Checker - no such function.

4. PoEz - monitoring the receiving voltage, current, and power of a PD; PoE Checker - monitoring the receiving voltage and power of a PD.

5. PoEz - battery-free technology without interrupting power and network; PoE Checker - requires AAA 1.5V battery x 4.

6. PoEz - more compact and lightweight than a regular handheld device; PoE Checker - size of a regular small handheld device.