FAQ: What is PoEz Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester?

PoEz Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester supports the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard. It can quickly identify the operating status of the PoE system. It was designed by battery-free technology without interrupting power and network. It is the latest PoE test tool design developed specifically for engineers and installers during PoE system installation such as CCTV/PoE cameras, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi installations, POS Systems and much more.
PoEz supports 4 pairs from a power supply that delivers power over to all 4 Pairs with a maximum measurement of power up to 160W (Mode A 80W, Mode B 80W).

It has a high-resolution OLED screen to clearly display the voltage, current, power data results. The other LED can quickly identify whether the PSE transmits via handshake signals to the PD (Powered Device).

PoEz is easy to use and read. It does not affect power transmission and network speed. PoE inline testing and long-term stability monitoring can facilitate during troubleshooting. With Hobbes PoEz PDS accessory, it simulates a PD to identify the issues on devices.