257136 Infrared Singlemode Fiber Tester (1310/1550)

257136 Infrared Singlemode Fiber Tester (1310/1550)

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The Infrared Fiber Meter is an Optical Power Meter used for measuring the optical power from fiber optic systems. Its an economical pen-style designed fiber optic power meter that provides accurate testing of multimode fiber cables at 1310/1550nm wavelength. It is designed with a solid-state InGaAs photodiode and power signal measurement circuitry to obtain absolute power value (in –dBm) on optical networks. It includes a universal connector for testing ST, SC, FC, FDDA Interface, and an optional 2.5 - 1.25mm adaptor.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength Range: 1310/1550nm 
  • Universal Connector Types: ST, SC, FC, FDDA, and an optional 2.5 - 1.25mm adaptor (see Part# 257136A)
  • Dynamic range: -30dBm~-15dBm
  • Accuracy: ±1 dB
  • Measurement: dBm
  • Compact Size: Pen Style 

Part# 257136 Infrared Multimode Fiber Meter (1310/1550nm)