256655G LANIDgiga
256655G LANIDgiga
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256655G LANIDgiga

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The LANIDgiga is a link tester, port-finder and PoE tester in a single unit. It's the latest and the most advanced version from the LANID series. It's a highly efficient diagnostic tool that is useful during installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting networks. With the LANIDgiga, network administrators can quickly diagnose and determine active and inactive ports in a network. 




Now with power over ethernet (PoE) technology is growing substantially, LANIDgiga is crucial in detecting PoE type in a network. It detects the existence of PoE and identifies the power sourcing equipment (PSE) type (midspan or endspan).

What's more, LANDIDgiga is equipped with port-finder function that makes it simple to identify the corresponding ports on switches and hubs. With the advancement in networks, the LANIDgiga is a "must-have" tool for installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting network.

Key Features:

  • Test and Identify Port Speed up to Gigabit:
    • 10 Base-T Half Duplex
    • 10 Base-T Full Duplex
    • 100 Base-Tx Half Duplex
    • 100 Base-Tx Full Duplex
    • 10/100 Auto Negotiation
    • 1000 Base-T Full Duplex
  • Check PoE Existence
  • Identify PSE Type: PoE Voltage Detection
    • Pair 12–36 (Endspan)
    • Pair 45–78 (Midspan)
  • Complies with IEEE802.3af standard
  • 2 RJ45 Testing Options:
    • (M) Testing Switch/Hubs
    • (F) Testing NIC
  • Port-Finder Function (identify corresponding ports on 10/100M or Giga hub/switch)
  • Storage/Travel Case

Part# 256655G LANIDgiga - Giga LAN Device Status Identifier