256777-R NETfinder Plus (with Remote & 8 ID Remote)

256777-R NETfinder Plus (with Remote & 8 ID Remote)

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Hobbes NETfinder Plus is a constructive tool designed to support professionals, technicians, and network administrators during installation, maintenance, repair of network and telephone cable systems. The NETfinder Plus includes 1 Remote and 8 Identification Remote for organizing cables in larger network infrastructures. It is equipped with a Tone Generator that is compatible with Probes available in the market and it is equipped with a Port-Finder function to easily locate the corresponding wall socket to the hub/switch/router.


The NETfinder Plus identifies open, shorted, reversed, crossed, or split pairs wiring faults and displays the cable status on a simple to read display indicator. With an integrated memory, testing multiple cable pin-outs is simple and effective. It is the perfect companion for both commercial and residential network applications.


Key Features:

  • Cable Test: Network and Telephone Cables
  • Identify Wiring Faults/Continuity: Open, Short, Reverse, Cross, Split Pairs and Shield/Ground Test
  • Cable Organizer: 1 Test Remote Terminator and 8 ID Remote Terminator
  • Tone Generator: Identify Cables (behind walls or in a bundle of cables)
  • Port-Finder Function (send a signal to the hub/switch/router to locate the corresponding socket)
  • Quick Test (for mass cable testing)
  • Built-In Memory: Memorizes Cable Pin-Out (simplify mass cable testing)
  • Storage/Travel Case


Part# 256777-R NETfinder Plus