HT-6713 Voice & Data Network Maintenance Kit

HT-6713 Voice & Data Network Maintenance Kit

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The Voice & Data Network Maintenance Kit is a complete installation and repair kit for twisted-pair (UTP/STP) applications. This tool selection provides the fundamental tools in a single kit. This kit contains tools for troubleshooting, verifying cable continuity, identify wiring faults, determine line polarity, cable organizing, determine line polarity and voltage in a network and modular telephone lines. 

Key Features:

Tone Generator and Probe:

  • Dual-mode tone generator (single and dual tone)
  • Black and red alligator clips and standard RJ-11 plug to test individual wire or RJ-11 jack
  • 3 color led indicator display for telephone line polarity, continuity, and voltage testing
  • Toggle switch to control 3 modes of operation for different environmental situations
  • Amplifies both single and dual-tone
  • Special inductive tip to prevent accidental shorts
  • Traces and identifies wires or cable without damaging cable insulation
  • Adjustable volume level for various work environments
  • Power switch to prevent battery drain

Part# 256713A-R

Network Cable Tester–E:

  • Test RJ45 and F-Coax
  • Detect Wiring Faults: RJ45 (cat5/cat5e/cat6/cat7) and F-Connector (Coaxial)
  • Easy Pass/Fail Coaxial Test
  • Remote Unit Testing for Pre-Installed Cables (Behind Walls)
  • Compact and Light-Weight Design

Part# E-450-R

Kit Contents:

  • Tone Generator and Probe
  • Network Cable Tester–E
  • Multi–Modular Plug Crimping Tool 
    • 3 Positions: 8p8c:RJ–45, 6p4c:RJ–11, 6p6c:RJ–12
  • Impact Punch Down Tool
    • 66 & 100 blades
  • Cable Stripping Tool
  • 5” Side Cutter Plier
  • 6“ Long Nose Plier
  • Crystalline Screwdriver
    • Phillips: 5.0 x 75mm & 6.0 x 100mm
    • Slotted: 5.0 x 75mm and 6.0 x 100mm
  • LED Flashlight
  • 7 Folding Hex Key Wrench Set
  • 6” Adjustable Wrench
  • Padded Carrying Case (370 x 245 x 65mm)

Part# HT-6713